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DrupalCamp Boone announces Keynote Speaker - Chris Grams

Chris Grams, now President and Partner at New Kind, and former Senior Director of Brand Communications and Design at Red Hat, has afforded us the opportunity to hear him speak at DrupalCamp Boone.

New Kind is, well, a "new kind" of communications and strategy firm - one which focuses on the concept of community as a way to engage and market.  It is quite fitting for "community plumbing" software users to be addressed by someone from a company of "community catalysts."

Chris has also attributed much of the success of Red Hat to the meritocracy of the open source community itself.

Chris graduated from UNC Chapel Hill and currently lives in Raleigh, NC.  You can find him writing on his blog , New Kind's web site , , Gary Hamel's Management Innovation Exchange , and Twitter .

  Designing Culture: The other community plumbing (Keynote Session)


You've designed an awesome new Drupal website, and you are excited about how much your new "community plumbing" will do to make the community better. But have you paid as much attention to designing the culture of your community as you have the website for it? After all,great technology alone won't create a great community.

In this keynote session, Chris Grams will share some tips for creating and maintaining passionate, active communities by carefully designing community culture. He'll draw on over 10 years of experience building the culture and brand of Red Hat, the world's largest open source software company, and his current experiences building New Kind, a company of "community catalysts."

Chris's Presentation:

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