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Intro to CCK

New to Drupal? Then you...

A second date with CCK

If you already...

Intro to Performance Tuning

A drupal site does not have to be a high volume site to utilize performance enhancing techniques and modules.  In many cases a drupal site may sit on a shared hosting environment and still need to be...

CSS in Drupal

One of the most frustrating aspects of make theme tweeks is knowing which ID or Class to grab so that you only overwrite that one item on the page. Of course, part of the problem is being able to identify what is what and then...

Drupal in HIgher Education

Maybe a BOF to get highered folks together to discuss Drupal initiatives.

Techniques for effective development/production environments

I'd love to see a session on best practices for syncing up development and production Drupal instances.

Module Development 101

A presenter can do a rundown of the basics of how to build a custom module. This would be for someone who wants to find out where to start in the custom module process, and weather or not it is something they would...

drush dl pizza?

I want to learn more about ...

Intro to version control (git/github)

The drupal project is moving from ...

Sustainable Theming with Fusion

Contribute a Theme!

It's no secret that Drupal has long been infamous as the "ugly"...

Themeing 101

A presenter can do a rundown of the basics of how to theme a new site. This would be for someone who wants to find out where to start in the themeing process, and weather or not it is something they would like to pursue.

Advanced Theming

Covers more of the php aspect of theming, such as:

  • Using theme overrides
  • Preprocess functions
  • advanced templeting and template suggestions
  • Theme Registry
What's a Drupal?

You - maybe you're curious about web development, but don't really know where to get started or how to find help.  Maybe you're already done some development and you keep hearing about Drupal.  You...

Planning Drupal Sites

Traditional HTML website planning techniques fall short when used to plan a Drupal site. In an article comparing WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Plone, Idealware said "The flexibility of the [Drupal] system means it's...

Commits, CVS, and Patches... oh my!

For those who want to give back, but aren't sure how.

Setting up a Dev site on shared hosting

How to set up simple development and production sites on shared hosting.

How to Use the Views Module

Learn the basics of the Views Module - what it is, what it does, and how you might use it to control content and enhance the functionality of your Drupal site.

Selling Drupal

Do you ever feel frustrated trying to sell your Drupal expertise/services? Has your excitement for Drupal not translated into more customers? Do you struggle filling up your pipeline and planning for future growth? In this session...

010, the Year of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Take SEO to a higher level in 2010. Follow Josh Ward of Drupal marketing firm Volacci as he shows how how simple, conversion-focused adjustments can yield a 40-50%...


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